8 Pieces You Can Wear 24/7

I’ve concluded that clothes are like people. They come and go, they can rub you the wrong way, but some will always be your No. 1s. And you can rest assured that the following 8 wardrobe items you can wear 24/7 are all going to be your new BFFs.

With that in mind, we are conscious when choosing people, so this should also be the case with our closet.

Frequent impulse buying and culling is not doing our bank balance (or the environment) any good and just like a BFF, the best clothes are the ones you’ll never get sick of (like these timeless outfits that’ll also save you $).

And if you do need a cull that’s A-OK because here are 8 quick ways to clear your closet without hurting Mother Earth.

Put your money where you’ll get millions back, i.e. versatile clothing that can be styled differently for any occasion; day-to-night, work-to-weekend… 24/7!

IRL, finding friends (and clothes) isn’t always easy, so I’d like to introduce you to some new friends of mine…  I think you guys might hit it off.

Keep scrolling for the 8 items you’ll wear all time + 3 ways to wear them.